How can I take backup for Zyro website?

Backup files are important for each business or for a personal website. If you have created your website through Zyro Builder, and if you are planning to restore, move the website to the new location or only keep backup files on your local computer you should follow these steps:

  1. Login through your cPanel account. (
  2. Go to the Software section and click on Site Builder (the one that has the Zyro logo)
  3. From the main menu of Zyro, right next to the logo, open the drop-down menu of save option and there you can see a backup/restore option.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions for backup/restore

When you create backup files from website builder you will download it inside .sitebuilder format. It's important that you use that file for restoring process as Website Builder will not work with other backup files. Regular backup files from your hosting plan will not be able to restore Zyro website. Only .sitebuilder backup file will restore your website.

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